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Services are an important part of Evolution Technologies. We believe our customer service sets us apart from the other IT companies. Below are some of our services:

Complete IT Support:
If you have network, desktop or wireless issues, we can help solve these problems and have you back working quickly and cost effectively. By using our Managed Services we can help you be proactive in your IT support instead of reactive, which is not a cost effective way to manage your IT needs.
Security Management and Data Protection:
Most companies and individuals believe that their network or computers are secure, but do they know for sure? By consulting with Evolution Technologies we will make sure you are secure and your important data is protected properly.
Backup Management:
As a consultant, the first question we ask new clients, “Do you have a working backup system?” The answer 90% of the time is, “We have a backup system, but I don’t know if it works.” We can help answer that question by offering both local and cloud backup solutions that are monitored and tested.
Cloud Computing:
Evolution Technologies offers cloud computing solutions including virtual networks, cloud storage, cloud antivirus and cloud-hosted Exchange email.
Mobile Device Management:
Mobile devices such as phones and tablets are an ever-increasing part of business environments. We offer you the ability to manage your own devices from apps to user capabilities. Also we understand Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), offering a solution to keep the business portion of the device separate from the personal.
CCTV HD & IP Surveillance:
The latest video security equipment produces crystal clear images and offers features such as motion activated recording, smart phone viewing and easy to use controls. The clear leader in providing affordable HD surveillance solutions is Backstreet-Surveillance.com. They offer the widest variety of Video Surveillance Equipment on the internet.





IT Solutions

Evolution Technologies offers many IT solutions, including:

Wireless Networking:
A robust wireless network enables your company the ability to work in a open environment and move around as needed. We offer the strongest wireless capabilities in the industry through our extended vendor network.
Network Design, Installation and Support:
Evolution Technologies offers a one-stop alternative for your network needs. With solid knowledge and experience in networking we are able to design new or replacement network architectures, while offering cost-effective installation and long-term support.
Telepresence and Telephony – VOIP:
Business phone systems are the backbone of a company’s communication network and today they are complex but offer many great features for office environments. We provide telepresence consulting, setup and training for businesses which have a need to use video and audio for business communications.
Network and server virtualization is on the rise as provider’s data networks become faster and more reliable. At Evolution Technologies, we have installed and maintain multiple virtual servers and have vast knowledge of remote computing.
Backup and Data Recovery:
A strong backup system will save your company money and time. We offer cost efficient industry leading backup appliances with local and offsite data recovery solutions. When disaster strikes, we will help recover your critical data and get your company back up and running while keeping down time to a minimum.


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