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Need Help With HIPAA or Meaningful Use?

Evolution Technologies vertical market is Healthcare IT. We have taken many steps in ensuring our staff has a strong knowledge of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule, Meaningful Use and Healthcare practice workflows. We are more dedicated to Healthcare IT than any other local IT provider. We have two board members which are Medical Professionals helping guide Evolution Technologies towards an even better provider experience.

HIPAA Security Rule Analysis:
Is your practice HIPAA Security Rule compliant? Most practices are aware of the rule but have not setup an analysis to verify their compliance. Evolution Technologies offers such an audit and analysis, which will enable your practice to feel confident and not worry about the heavy monetary fines and loss of credibility.
EMR Consulting and Installation:
Deciding on which EMR to go with and how it will affect your practice workflow is a tough decision. Since we have been involved in the Healthcare IT business for a long time, we can offer you a non-bias perspective and make suggestions on the type of EMR which best fits into your practice. We are EMR neutral, therefore we just want you to succeed.
Dragon Medical Specialist:
Evolution Technologies is the San Antonio Dragon Medical Specialist. We can demonstrate how Dragon Medical can decrease your provider note input time and provide higher billing accuracy. Dragon Medical is an awesome tool for both providers and other medical staff to manage EMR input. Dragon Medical integrates with many EMRs.
Healthcare IT Support:
It is important for a healthcare provider to partner with a business associate that understands the industry and how the workflow is an important part of how well a practice runs. Evolution Technologies provides IT support from an internal perspective, as we office within a provider’s facility and understand the critical nature that the technology infrastructure is working as expected 24/7.


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